Why isn't the caravel executable in my path?

By default, Python packages are installed to ~/.local/bin. You can add this location to your path by appending it (export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin).

How can I analyze my project interactively?

Caravel uses the peppy package to model Project and Sample objects under the hood. These project objects are actually useful outside of looper. If you define your project using pep format, you can use the project models to instantiate an in memory representation of your project and all of its samples, without using looper.

If you're interested in this, you should check out the peppy package. All the documentation for model objects has moved there.

I'm getting [Errno 98] Address already in use.

Caravel by default runs on port 5000. Something else may already be running on that port on your server. You can change the port by specifying -p PORTNUM. Try using 5001 or 5002. If you're forwarding a port from a server, you'll also need to change the port number in your ssh call.

How to kill the caravel process running on the remote server

Sometimes, when the caravel server is unintentionally closed, e.g. with CTRL+C (SIGINT) the process will occupy the port indefinetely. To kill the process first log in to the remote server and find out its PID with lsof -i :<port number>

mjs5kd@udc-ba34-36:/home/mjs5kd lsof -i :5001
caravel 109823 mjs5kd    4u  IPv4 587213669      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:commplex-link (LISTEN)

and then kill it with kill <PID>